Holy Prophet Mohammad ﷺ, in his last sermons stressed on Quran being one of the two things to hold tightly, so we’d not go astray. Sadly, we were born to live in the times when our robotic routine doesn’t leave time for us to brush the dust off of the fancy “juzdaans” we respectfully cover the Holy book with, sit down, open it up and not just read the foreign language, rather make an effort to understand it too, even in Ramadan when we open Quran we are focused on increasing the counts of parahs we have gone through.

Born in a Muslim family, we have all had a molvi sahib or a grandparent teach us Quran in our childhood, followed by a grand celebration called “Aameen”. Once we finished it, some went a few steps ahead to learn Qira’at and a few went on to Hifz the holy book, but only a hand full of us tried understanding why the book sent over 1400 years ago was regarded as “The book of all times”, why prophet Muhammad ﷺ insisted on holding on to it, why was it promised to be preserved in original form and most importantly why it’s said to contain all the answers for those who seek.

It says
“Verily, We have revealed to you the Book which contains your admonition. So do you not have sense?” 21:10

“This is a Blessed Book that We have revealed to you so that the wise may ponder over its Verses and seek direction and guidance.”38:29

Quran is repeatedly inviting people to ponder over it and its verses and analyze its verses to find guidance as stated above. It is also discussing modern sciences, creation of universe, creation of man and other scientific topics. Like it says:

“So man should ponder from what substance he has been created.”86:5

“He who created the heavenly spheres and the earth and this (universe) in between them in six periods. Then He settled Himself on the Throne is Most Kind. Ask of Him someone who has attained to His awareness.” 25:59

This application originated with the idea of studying, understanding and analyzing Quran. With this app, anyone can begin analyzing Quran’s verses and words to understand how the creator is talking to his creation through this great book.

Internet, via its diversity and a vast range of everything-made-easy, has been a teacher many of us never had. From learning how to bake a simple pound cake to fixing /updating your phone’s software, everything can be found online just a tap away, even Quran.

Keeping all this in mind, we have developed AnalyzeQuran, a new, complete and comprehensive application, to make use of Quran easier and simpler in all the possible ways. This is a very user-friendly application, made to offer people a chance to benefit more with the Quran.