Arabic words are generally based on a “root” which (mostly) uses three consonants to define the underlying meaning of the word. Like, طريق , طريقة, طارق all three words used in Quran are derived from the same root ط ر ق .

The app tells you the Arabic root of the word when the word is selected, this option allows one to further explore this root in Quran. So, when you tap the root, it brings out all the words that are derived from this root and shows how many times and in what verses these words are used in Quran.

With this feature, you can explore and analyze Quran’s content beyond limits. You can learn to understand in what context Quran is using a specific word by comparing different verses where the same word is used. You can bring out all the verses on a specific topic and try analyzing them, for e.g. if you want to get all verses regarding prayer just open the root in Quran Dictionary or open it from any verse where it is mentioned. This would give you all the verses in Quran where this topic is discussed so you can study, read and share what Quran is saying.