Word by Word feature gives you the literal insight of the verses in Quran, and helps you understand what every word of the verse literally means and how is it getting translated to the mentioned translation. Arabic is a deep and vast language, many words of Arabic when translated to other languages are not the natural equivalent of the word. Like, the word بصر and انظر both are translated same as ‘look/see’ by the translators, but both words are not naturally equivalent and have a different context in Arabic language.

Similarly, the words صراط ,سبيل ,طريق are three different words but translated same as ‘way’, the words have similar meanings but in Arabic the actual words have got lot more to say then just ‘way’. And definitely, there should be great wisdom in selection of words in a verse, since Quran is the word of God.

‘Word by Word Quran’ feature lets you ponder over the word mentioned, the selection of word in specific context of verse and the literal translation of it. So, one starts getting familiar with words of Arabic used in Quran with this.