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Holy Prophet Mohammad ﷺ, in his last sermons stressed on Quran being one of the two things to hold tightly, so we’d not go astray. Sadly, we were born to live in the times when our robotic routine doesn’t leave time for us to brush the dust off of the fancy “juzdaans” we respectfully cover the Holy book with, sit down, open it up and not just read the foreign language, rather make an effort to understand it too, even in Ramadan when we open Quran we are focused on increasing the counts of parahs we have gone through.

The idea is to stop to stop treating Quran just as a monument to be saved for our brides to walk underneath, or as a mannequin for our fancy Juzdaans to reside in, and start paying attention to the undiscovered information and knowledge waiting to be interpreted for our own guidance.

“This is a Blessed Book that We have revealed to you so that the wise may ponder over its Verses and seek direction and guidance.”


Like all, this app also has translation of Quran in both, Urdu and English. We will soon be adding more translations in the app indifferent languages and also from different Islamic scholars, so the users may read the translation of their favorite scholar. It can be switched from one language to another by simply going to settings option.


This feature gives you the literal insight of the verse, and helps you understand what every word of the verse actually means and how is it getting translated to the mentioned translation. Arabic is a deep and vast language, many words of the Arabic when translated to other languages are not the natural equivalent of the word. Like, the word بصر and انظر both are translated same as ‘look/see’ by the translators, but both words are not naturally equivalent and have different context in Arabic language.

Quran Dictionary

Arabic words are generally based on a “root” which (mostly) uses three consonants to define the underlying meaning of the word. Like, طريق , طريقة, طارق all three words used in Quran are derived from the same root ط ر ق .

The app tells you the Arabic root of the word when the word is selected,this option allows one to further explore this root in Quran. So, when you tap the root, it brings out all the words that are derived from this root and shows how many times and in what verses these words are used in Quran.


Search anything in Quran, by simply writing the word in search bar.For e.g. write ‘Book’ in search and hit enter. This would bring out all the verses where word ‘Book’ is used in translation.

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” The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like (that) grain out of which seven ears shoot forth(And then) each ear bears a hundred grains (i.ethey are rewarded seven hundred times)And Allah multiplies (still more) for whom He likesAnd Allah is Infinite, All-Knowing. “


Al-Baqarah 2:261